An arduino project to android application

Hi! My group and I was planning to create a project with arduino uno where it has ADXL355 , some water level monitoring sensors, and a thermistor placed in a long cylinder as a case. We plan this to be a simple earthquake, flood, and temperature monitoring that can be accessed in an application where it will alarm once it receive notable feedback from ADXL355. We are still not that good at cloud basing, but do you think it is possible to program an android application where it monitors our sensors in real time? What wifi module do you think we can use?

ps. We are aiming for the application to be downloaded by several users so that they will be alarmed if there could be an earthquake during that specific time.

This sounds like a question about programming in Android rather than programming an Arduino, but it sounds possible

Bluetooth LE is also a possibility. Some Arduinos have it built in.

hello sir! Do you know any models of arduino like that? thankyou so much

Arduino's product pages list several.

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