An Arduino starter kit with both temperature and pH measuring?


I am not into Arduino myself but am getting a starter kit for my husband to be and he mentioned he would prefer one that could measure both temperature and water pH level. Does anyone know of such a starter kit? As I say, I am myself not at all into this, so excuse my ignorance.

Thanks for any information you may have.

Hi Ingrid.
I'm new myself into Arduino and microcontroller programming and have gotten myself waistdeep into the subject , but i don't think there is a ready-made starterkit for what your asking about.
There is however several manufacturers that provide such peripherals for the Arduino. PH shields ( a shield is a board you put ontop of the Arduino that extends it's functionality) like the one i got yesterday Arduarium controller or another simpler shield from the same guy BNC sensor shield

You also need a PH Probe like these.
I ordered a couple of these probes to experiment with but similar one's can be found elsewhere, in different priceranges and qualities.. ( i'm not really sure if the one's i ordered is going to handle being constantly submerged in water but they were cheap.. so it's no big deal if it doesn't work)
Heres another probe-kit with a PH shield included as well as calibration liquids and example-code. Atlas-scientific PH kit

Here's one type of temp sensor for water but these can be found elsewhere too.. and the temperature sensor-thingy is very easy to setup with a few tweaks into Arduino programming.

In the end it's a bit of copying and pasting of code, tweaking stuff to get the best result and getting the sensors properly attached to wherever you need them.. but that should be the fun part, right?

Good luck

Hi Lundin,

Thanks for your reply. It was great to get some suggestions for solutions for the PH measuring. And I see that a temperature sensor seems to be included in the basic Arduino starter kit, so that seems to be sorted too. I'll let my husband see the links for the PH-meters you recommended, so he can make the decision later on. I guess it's good if we just get started with the basic kit and don't get into deeper waters until we're a bit used to things...

Yes, I suspect the programming should be the fun part - that is for my husband. I'll let him have a proper go before I try my hand at it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.