An ATtiny core collection for IDE 1.5.3 (Aka. Nightly Build)

For those of us that don’t like having to use a retro IDE only to program an ATtiny chip now and then.

Attached is a modified copy of GitHub - TCWORLD/ATTinyCore: ATTiny Core for Arduino 1.0+ collection. The boards.txt file has been re-worked to comply with the 1.5.3 IDE hardware layout scheme.

IC’s Supported:

ATtiny24, ATtiny25, ATtiny44, ATtiny45, ATtiny84, ATtiny85, ATtiny167, ATtiny861, ATtiny2316 & ATtiny4313

Quick install:
Unzip to your ArduinoDIR\hardware\arduino\ directory. Done.

To use:

  1. Select an IC from the Tools>Board menu.
  2. Choose the way it operates from the spiffy new Tools>Mode menu.

That’s it, Happy Hacking.
Enjoy! (348 KB)

Never mind. I just realized that, although they compile fine. They will not upload due to some kind of failure within the java back-end. (I'm no java guru.)

Hi, any updates on this. I really don't want to use an old IDE either:-(

Tiny core for both 1.0x and 1.5x

I downloaded the zip file and followed the instructions on README, unzipping to my Arduino Sketchbook folder etc but the ATtiny etc dont get added to the Tools - Board list, just the original list. Any suggestions?

I am using Arduino 1.5.5 it works in 1.05

Did you rename Prospective Boards.txt to boards.txt (and restart the IDE) ?

Yes I did that. 1.05 works OK but the newer 1.5 doesnt.

In the README file I am not sure what:

  • In the “boards.txt” file, change the “upload.tool” entries to the
    appropriate value for your setup.

In the boards.txt what should this line read, and what are the options?

attiny84at16.upload.tool=arduino:arduinoisp attiny84at16.upload.tool=avrispv2 attiny84at16.upload.tool=pololu

Did this ever get resolved? I an having the same issue and it's not just a matter of wanting to use the 1.5 IDE for the fun of it. I need to use 1.5 for my Yun.