An Easy IR distance sensor for a noob :-)

Hi, i need an Ir sensor to avoid obstacle, there are a lot of sharp ir sensors, what is the most popular so that i can found a lot of tutorials and sketch?

i watched there

and there

please help me :)


I got this one from Solar Botics /HVW tech

It worked first time...

I am sure you can find a local supplier.

Did some fiddling with the SHARP 2Y0A02 F 9Y , 20 - 150 cm See article on platyground how to handle -

hope this helps

You may also want a sonic ranger for a second way. IR won't work too well under natural sun light and different things reflect IR differently. If you also have a sonic ranger, you will very less likely miss an obstacle when both sensors fail to detect. I use sonic rangers to help me back my car :) It's posted on the exhibition board.