an error keep on displaying

Hello Guys..!

will someone there could help me..?what is the reason why my IDE arduino keep on displaying this error,I am doing my distance reader project and keeps on doing this,I cant app-load my codes cause it keep on displaying this error..kindly help me please..(this is the error)

An error occurred while uploading the sketch(and below this)

avrdude:atk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10:not in sync: reap=0x30(for 11 times)(then below this)

an error occurred while uploading the sketch.

what is the meaning of this or what is goin on with my IDE?,KINDLY HELP ME..MY DEADLINE IS TOMMOROW,(SCHOOL PROJECT)

Thanks in advance..


When a sketch does a lot of Serial output it can be very hard to upload a new sketch. The uploading program on the PC sends a command to the bootloader and reads a response. The USB input buffer is full of whatever the sketch was sending and that data does not match the expected response. The uploader tries the command a few more times before giving up.

To upload over a sketch that floods the Serial output:

  1. Hold down the reset button on the Arduino.
  2. Unplug the USB cable. This causes the PC to flush the USB receive buffers.
  3. Re-connect the USB cable. (by continuing to hold the reset button we prevent new flooding)
  4. Begin the new sketch upload.
  5. WHEN THE RX LED ON THE ARDUINO BLINKS: release the reset button.

That RX blink is the first upload command being sent to the bootloader. Releasing the Reset button allows the bootloader to be ready for the first retry of that command.