An ESP8266 to be controlled and talk to a web page?

This is my second topic on this forum. I do hope it’s in the right place and conforms to the rules, etc.

In my previous thread I asked about guidance in a project (another automated chicken coop) and got some great ideas. But I’m back after testing my patience and was hoping to get a little more help.

Specifically this time: Are there any good resources to finding how to make a website talk to / control an arduino board? I have a basic ESP8266, I have a NodeMCU that I successfully got an LED to turn on /off using through my network, but I’m wondering if I could get a little push in the right direction, if it’s feasible, in going to and seeing even simple buttons that are on/off with text identifying which is which. I would like to control or at least see how things are going with the Arduino using a web interface.

The NodeMCU was nice and fun to make work but I will be wanting to use an Arduino Mega to make it all work so I’ll probably switch to a simple ESP8266 connected to it and I was only successful in making it working on the network, not ‘online’.

Here are some of the issues I’m running into:

  • When I do a search for anything, I get 20k hits, most of which are people trying to figure out how to make things work so there are pages of revisions and ideas and specifics to the point that it makes it so it doesn’t apply to me anymore
  • I don’t know enough of the keywords to look up specific items so I have to wade through even more stuff
  • A lot of the applications I’m finding use ethernet shields and…I start to pull my hair out.
  • What!??

:slight_smile: So, I was hoping someone(s) could point me in the right direction to go. Things that have been thrown around are,, eRest, php, keeping it local, building an app (unfortunately I don’t have a droid phone so that was a near miss), etc

Does anyone have any resources they’d like to share about where I could get information on making things turn on/off using an Arduino through wifi from the web? <==== I guess that’s my question. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,