an IDE supporting simultaneous windows with different connections/boards

i have several different arduinos (or arduino-like boards) connected to my computer on several different serial ports. what i would find useful is an implementation of the IDE where different windows could remember the board type and serial port independently of one another. this would allow me to have several windows up and i could reflash to the various boards from the various windows without having to keep changing the connection and board settings as i go back and forth (some are atmega168s, some are atmega 328s, and all use different serial ports). this might sound like a small thing, but in a complex setup such as i have, it makes sense for the IDE windows to remember their state. how hard would it be to hack the IDE to do this?

how hard would it be to hack the IDE to do this?

In my experience, each window is completely independent of all other windows. I can set different serial ports at least, for each window, and the setting is persistent until the window closes. On Windows, anyway.

i'm running the ide version 022 in windows and board/serial settings changes made in one window always affect all the windows.