an infrared remote control or a bluetooth remote control ?

hey ! how are you ? I'm xavier and i have 17 years. for my terminal project, i chose to create a robot boat that would depolurize the surface of the sea. for that i need to remote control it with a joystick. I wonder if I should take an infrared controller or if I should take a bleutooth controller, and why this one rather than the other?
with the joystick, we should be able to control the boat up to 30 meters

thank you for your replies! :slight_smile:

up to 30 meters

I doubt that infrared will reach 30m, especially in sunlight. I also doubt that Bluetooth has that much range. I would recommend the NRF24 or the 433MHz radios. Robin2 has a good tutorial for getting started with the rf24 radios.