An interesting PDF

I sure hope it's not cross-posting to put notice in the chiphead section then here?
Even if there get to be discussion, they won't be to the same purpose! I'll make sure.

Microchip PDF. Help select an AVR for your project. Nice pretty arrangement.

AVR-Compare-30010135E.pdf (387.8 KB)


They didn't list the non-b series of 48/88/168/328, or 324/644/1284. I'm kind of curious how the 328PB is doing. Some years ago I tried it on a design because of the extra UART port (for GPS) and it didn't work. I think it was like with the GPS connected it wouldn't boot. Maybe I made a mistake or it was software. Kind of wondering if someone has done the same, sticking a GPS on 328PB's UART1. How is arduino IDE's support on it?

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