An open source preemptive kernel for Arduino

Dear all

A fully preemptive realtime kernel for Ardunino (can easily be ported to other micros)

1 msec heartbeat
task, semaphores, message queues - also with ISR integration
modest memory use
Free as a beer :slight_smile:
and on github as well: git clone git://

feel free to use and give feedback

Love the name.

There has been a lot of these over the years and of course some very common commercial RTOSs. Does this have any real advantages?



yes - the name is close to nut (kernel) :wink:
Advantages ?
supports(automatic at compile time) all (or most) arduinos including 2560 based

  • nice integration to ISRs with semaphores and mailboxes
  • plain C - easy to read (for educational purposes)
  • easy to port to other non MMU architectures ( planning to integrate the 32 bit Due board )
  • fun to write
  • efficient to use
  • use it as an example on our lower semestres


  • very easy to use
    -- just two files in a directory in libraries and you are up and running