An UNO based Datalogger for the Classroom (ie: no soldering)

A while a go one of my high school teacher friends mentioned that he wanted add some Arduino based projects to his science classroom, but told me that he felt that my logger build plans had too much detail (and soldering...) to fit into the limited time and resources he had available. So I cobbled together an Uno based data logger that can be jumper-ed together very quickly with a breadboard:

An Arduino Uno based Datalogger for the Classroom

There's nothing in the plan that isn't available in many other places (including the playground), but I though I would post a link in case any other teachers were hunting for places to start. The current code captures the temp register from inside the DS3231 RTC, which has low 0.25C resolution but has proven to be relatively accurate compared to my other dedicated temp sensors. Hopefully that starter script is simple enough that people don't have too much trouble modifying it for the sensors they want to use...