Anaconda WiFi Shield for Arduino

So, I just got a Anaconda WiFi Shield for Arduino (

Does anybody have any idea how to get it running right out of the box?

I tried the the configuring GUI utility on the page and I keep getting the following error:

[Cmd] Reset module...
[Notice] Module disconnected

There are really no good instructions to this thing as far as I can find.

Ultimately I would like to be able to send the commands to the Arduino through it instead of a USB cable. That's about it, if I could get it remotely setup first.

Ideas? has anybody used one of these and knows how to set it up? (or at the very least help me see if this thing works)

Thanks in advance.

This appears to be the user manual:, and this is a “tutorial”:

Looks like a pretty painful module to understand and use.

Thank you, I am not sure how I overlooked these. I found some other documents on the site; Test Code:

Test Code btw information:

Anyways, I started looking over the pdf's last night and I read that if there is a problem getting the module to connect, try connecting external power. I did not have a chance to test this yet, but I will today and hope this is all my problem is.

The main goal of this experiment is to get this thing into a serial pass through mode and be able to join this add on card between the Arduino Uno and a Motor Shield. If I can prove that the Wifi shield works then I will start getting it setup and test out some of its features. Assuming all of this works, I will try to document what I have done to get the various features / parts working.

Hello EnigmaCypher7,

Did you ever got this to work? I also have a an Anaconda WiFi Shield which I am trying to get to work, but the documentation is a pain in the *** :-) Really badly structured which steps to take to set it all up.

Where you able to do it?