Analog 8-channel multiplexer 74HC4051

I've bought this analog 8-channel multiplexer, but I don't know how to use it...

It has 2 VEE and 2 VCC pins which is not common in other modules...

Does anybody used it before?

This will help’

Vee is another gnd, that usually is conneced to the gnd pin of the IC.
In some applications this Vee pin needs to be at a different potential to gnd.

In your case connect Vee to the gnd pin.

Try google arduino 4051

Tom… :slight_smile:

4051 is an analog multiplexer. It can pass analog voltage of +ve and -ve polarities (-5V to +5V). If you intend to handle such kind of bi-polar analog voltage with the 4051, you need to connect the VEE-point to -5V supply; else, connect the VEE-point to GND potential.