Analog audio switch

I'm looking for a way to control several analog sound inputs - want just one at a time, and want to be able to control them remotely. The remote part is not that hard, remotes all set up for arduinos are all over ebay. But I'm not coming up with how you switch between inputs. My original thought was to use some double pole relays controlled by various pins. But relays that are dp and not latching, and use less than 40ma current... not so easy to find nor are they cheap.

So, possibly I'm overlooking something, but I haven't come up with any other means. I want a remote volume control and source change, and the amplifier, arduino, etc, all go in one case. Any other suggestions?

Can't use anything that will distort the sound, nor have any common inputs, so yes, it must be at least double pole - one relay per channel, 2 relays per source input. 4 source inputs equals a lot of relays.

SPST-N.O. 5v coil drawing 10 mA. $1.37 each.

The current draw is low enough that, to switch stereo, you could hook two to a single Arduino pin. Includes built in shunt diode.

look at a 4052 or a 4053

its a multiplexor (which can be though of as a rotary switch in a chip) the 4052 is dual 4 channel analog, the 4053 is tri 2 channel analog (or a 4051 which wont do much good as its 8 single channels)

You can't control volume with relay, at least not w/o bunch of them. Search for digital pot.