Analog in

Hello, I was wondering if anyone know what what happen if I put more than 5V to one of the analog pins on my arduino uno?
Would if fry??

From the data sheet:

Voltage on any Pin except RESET
with respect to Ground ................................-0.5V to VCC+0.5V

Don't do it!

Yes. More than 0.5V above Vcc (generally 5V) makes the input protection diodes turn on. If they conduct more than 1mA, they could fry, and typically damage something else at the same time.
If the chip feels warm/hot to the touch, that's usually a sign something is damaged, and the chip is fried or on its way to being fried.
That's why you don't apply signals to an unpowered chip. The diodes conduct (until they fry) and the chip could appear as if it is phantom powered, while its really just current thru the diode for the pin that is high.