Analog input pin question

I'm sort of new to the Arduino (also these forums so hello!), but I've done a small amount of assembly programming for another microcontroller. What I need to do is take the analog signal in (which I figured out how to do thanks to some people smarter than me) and put it out over 10 data pins, basically a parallel ADC.

With assembly on another microcontroller (specifically the 8051) I know how to do this, but is it possible to split the 10 bits up over 10 data pins on the Arduino? I've looked around a lot, and maybe I just wasn't using the right keywords or something but I couldn't find anything, and it's not particularly intuitive to do with the programming language, particularly at my low level of skill.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

If I understand your question correctly then something along the line of this untested code fragment should work.

// global level enum

      pinANALOG = ?     // assign to you pin number

    , pinD0     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD1     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD2     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD3     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD4     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD5     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD6     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD7     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD8     = ?     // assign to your pin number
    , pinD9     = ?     // assign to your pin number

void some_function()
    uint8_t pins_array[] = {
          pinD9, pinD8, pinD7, pinD6, pinD5
        , pinD4, pinD3, pinD2, pinD1, pinD0
    int         pwm      = analogRead(pinANALOG);
    uint8_t*    p        = pins_array;
    uint8_t     bit_mask = b1000000000;
        digitalWrite(*p++, ((pwm & bit_mask) ? HIGH : LOW));
    } while ( bit_mask >>= 1 );

EDIT: removed '::' in ternary statement

That looks like it'll work, and if it doesn't at least I have somewhere to start. Thanks a lot!

Could you array all that? That seems like a lot of lines of the same code...just wondering, maybe save you some lines.

It already uses an array and of the remainder very little of it is code.