Analog input problem

Hello! I have a Pro Mini 5V which is hooked up to several things, acting as a RC flight stabilizer. Among the things are three potentiometers, to adjust the gain of the gyros, however there seems to be a problem.

First I made a simple program that just prints A0-A2 ten times per second. At first this worked and gave me readings from 0-1023 when I turned the pots. So I uploaded my more complex program and the third pot (A2) stopped working and only read 0. When I turned the pot nothing happens until I reach the max endpoint, at which the arduino turns off and disconnects from my PC. When I turn the pot back a little the Arduino comes back to life as if nothing happend.

I did some probing with jumpers and found that 5V to A2 resets the arduino. The three pots are wired identically, the same orientation, same pins on 5V and GND with signal to A0, A1 and A2.

So my question is, what is the problem here? Is the pot broken, or have I done some misstake?

Can you have a good look at the circuit board with a magnifier ? For something like very thin copper traces between normal traces or solder blobs. I think that A2 is shortcut to ground.

I unsoldered the signal pin from the arduino and tested it with a multimeter, and it works.
If I do a continuity test with my multimeter between A2 and GND would that be able to indicate a short circuit?

Is it possible, that somewhere in your software you switching A2 to digital mode, and probably setting it as digital output?

You may have shorted some by accident. Can you show us a good picture of the wiring?