Analog input question ...

Hi everyone,
Please help, I think I am going crazy. Since this morning no matter what voltage (0 to 5V) I put on analog inputs 0 to 5 of my Arduino Uno Rev3, analogRead() returns zero! I'm trying to setup a simple temp sensor as a trigger for something else! The sensor is working fine, I checked separately.

Everything else seems to work fine! Is there a quick check to make sure the board itself is okay or not? Any help will be appreciated, Thank you!


Try the analog example that comes with the IDE.
If you ever had the controller chip out of the socket, make sure there are no pins bent underneath it.

Thank you!
I did that and the examples seemed to run fine, including one of my own! Upon triple checking my sketch, I found a function call was commented out (not running) ... the rest is history. Thank you for your help, called my attention to the right place. One of those things ...


The last thing you did is where you should start looking.