Analog input

Hi, I did some measurements of the analog input A0. The example sketch ReadAnalogVoltage says that full scale is 5 V, but this is clearly not the case on the Arduino 101. Full scale is actually 3.3 V due to the level shifter and the analog reference driven by 3.3 V. The ADC resolution is 12-bits as defined in variant.h, but set to 10-bits in wiring_analog.h and there's a mapping performed in the analogRead() function. I can set the resolution to 12-bits using the analogReadResolution() function, but the noise is terrible at 7 LSB RMS. Even at 10-bits, the noise is 1.8 LSB RMS. Linearity is ~0.1 %.

I recommend including an example sketch that shows the input range as 3.3 V. Is there going to be an update to the hardware to improve the noise?