Analog Interfacing


I am planning to interface the following wind sensor to uno board

The brief datasheet says that the sensor generates 1 pulse / second at 2.5 mph wind.

Am I correct to say that this sensor will produce 2 pulses / second at 5mph?

Also any advise on interface circuitry!


You should be correct about the number pulses/second. I would run these pulses into an interrupt that does nothing but increment a pulse counter. Then I would use a timer of a few seconds duration, and each time it times out, go get the pulse count, calculate your wind speed, and reset the pulse count to 0 for the next pass. Don't try to combine the interrupt with the use of the delay() function. You could get your timer output by just reading the mills() function, and doing nothing until the right number of seconds has passed.

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Wind Sensor interfacing

If the sensor generates pulses it requires a digital interface, not an analog interface. An analog interface would present a varying voltage.


Read the specification section:

SPEED RANGE approx. 3 mph to 125+ mph (~5 kph to over 200 kph)

So within these speed ranges they claim the response is linear.

In practice it won’t be truly linear, but how accurate do you need it to be?

MarkT: In practice it won't be truly linear, but how accurate do you need it to be?

And how will you know ?