Analog Magnetic Sensor with Arduino


I would like to use Arduino to detect the magnetic field of different magnetic pads. To do this, I've bought a 1108 Phidget sensor which has a voltage output proportional to the applied magnetic field.

I've bought also three magnetic pads with different size and force (200g, 300g and 400g).

I connected +5V and GND and the voltage output directly to A0 analog input in my Arduino UNO but the sensor readings are not so accurate because I can't recognize the magnetic field of each magnets but only their presence.

I was looking for the senso suggested also in the Arduino playground: A1301. Do you think it will be suitable for my application?

I just want to be able to recognize at maximum 6 different magnetic pads without errors.

Thank you a lot!

Magnetic fields vary a lot with the distance so to be able to discriminate between the six you need to be able to use (almost) exact the same distance.

For the rest the sensor is straightforward in its usage, you can't go wrong ..