Analog NTSC video handling...

Hi, I am currently working on a project involving wireless transfer of analog NTSC video using arduino compatible intel Galileo's wifi capability (intel centrino N 135). Any suggestions on how to transfer such analog video over wifi..?

You're probably going to want one of these:

or these

Do you really mean NTSC or just RS-170 ?

Are you trying to transfer real time video ?

Arduino is not fast enough although wifi may be depending on hardware.

Look for the chipsets that wi fi cameras use.

Boardburner2: Arduino is not fast enough

:blush: Missed that, teach me to read. Im unfamiliar with that device.

What im getting at though is wifi cameras are relativley cheap and it may be possible to save a lot of time and effort by bodging one or using a custom chipset.

I have seen posts where others have attempted this with a pi but i gather its a lot of effort.

Boardburner2: Im unfamiliar with that device.

Yeah, I think Arduino made a mistake in using the "Arduino" name on products other than ATMega168/328 based boards. The Due, Yun, Galileo, etc should all be called Arduino+ or something else to avoid confusion.