Analog Out +/- 10 Volts

Hi Guys, new to this forum. Is there a way to get at least 4 analog outputs that are bipolar (+/-) 10 volts?

This needs to be at least 20 htz.


A very convenient way to generate that voltage is to use a variant of the MAX232 chips. The "original" will do, which is a low cost part.

They will drive just around +/-10V upto 100kHz @ around 20mA. Need 4 (I think) capacitors; there are versions that have internal capacitors, but they are significantly more expensive.

The chips also contain "receivers"; sometimes you will find a surprising use as inverter or buffer for them ...

Darn! The OP needs ANALOG voltage. But hey... now we can at least have a +/- 10 Volts PWM... so proceed as usual...

How much current do you need to supply at +/-10V? Where are these analog outputs going?

By "20 Hz" do you mean you have to generate sinusoids between -10V and 10V at frequencies up to 20 Hz, or do you want to be able to update the analog output from one value to another within 50ms?

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