Analog output rate, disable DAC port and write different waveform to DACs


I am looking for a solution that will allow the user to change actively the DAC clock rate (analog output rate). for example: if the user enter 48000 the analog output rate will be 48 kHz.

second issue is how the user enable/disable using serial commands on of the DAC ports.

third issue is the ability to write arbitrary waveform to one of the analog output. for example: chirp or amplitude modulation which are defined by basic mathematical formulas.



You should search in the DUE sub forum for DAC example sketches before posting your questions.

The DAC peripheral can be triggered either by a Timer Counter or a PWM event line. IMO the best way to use these DACs is with a PDC DMA.

One of the threads you could have found to begin with your project:

Generating waveforms is not just a question of software but also hardware. You will need to filter the output to create the final signal. Could you let us know whether you have already consider that part?