Analog pin reads constant value on soil moisture sensor

So I've been using the soil sensor with my Uno. I've managed to make it work with the digital pin however I'm trying to use the analog pin.

When I connect everything and upload the code and open up the Serial Port, it shows the same value always not matter what. When I connect it to A0, it shows 15. at A1 it shows 16, at A2 it shows 17 etc. Nothing changed when I dip the ends in water or not (same with soil, rather than water).

Is my analog pin not working or is this a typical problem?

Are you sure it's 15, 16, 17.
It would make sense it it was 14, 15, 16, because that are the pin numbers for A0, A1, A2.
If so, then it seems you're printing the pin numbers instead of sensor values.

Read the "how to post" guidelines, and post your code inline with code tags.
And a web link to the sensor.

Oh it was exactly as you said, thank you so much!! Forgive me about any kind of mistake, it's my first time asking anything in this forum.