Analog pins A6 and A7 ber included in standard library


I was wondering if this has already be done, including the 2 additional pins, in the standard Ardunio software, for the mega328 chip when you use the 32 pin package. I would like to be able to read those two pins if possible. I built a PCB with the 32 pin chip and, well I need a different pin for an external interrupt and if I can use these that will free up another pin for the interrupt. Can anyone help me out.

Stan K'

Arduino 1.0.1 defines A6 and A7. It also supports analogRead on them.

However, those two pins cannot be used as digital pins due to the way the chips were made (check out the datasheet!)

Hello WizenedEE,

Thanks for the input. I wasn't aware that that 1.0.1 was able to read the A6 and A7 analog inputs. Yeah, I have read a good part of the 448 pages of the data sheet. A6 and A7 are read only, that's why I wanted to use the other Ax inputs for digital i/o and use A6 and A7 for analog only inputs. Where on the web site does it describe the addition of the additional analog inputs?


The additional pins are used on the Nano. Select that as a board type and you should be able to access them.