Analog Pins on LilyPad Arduino

Hi! I'm working on a new project and ran into the issue of not having enough analog pins! I am using a LilyPad Arduino Main Board which has analog pins a0-a5. I am already using a0-a4 for 5 flex sensors, and I believe I need three more analog pins for my accelerometer. I am using an ADXL355 accelerometer. Does that need to be connected to analog pins? Or can it just be digital pins? Also, can I even use this accelerometer with a LilyPad or do I need to use the specific LilyPad accelerometer AXDL335?

You're thinking of the ADXL354. The ADXL355 has a digital interface.

Oops I had a typo in the first one. I have the ADXL335

I will also need 2 more analog pins for an LCD display.