Analog pins seem to be connected

Hey, I'm using a joystick to control two servos. I connected one to each axis and plugged the axis outputs into the analog inputs. For whatever reason, only the x-axis is controlling both. Even though I definitely assigned each a different pin, only the x-axis affects the setvos, and when it does it affects both servos. I tried moving the x-axis input to an analog port, and both servos kept responding directly to it. I even tried grounding both analog pins with 10k resistors. Is this common?


If it matters, here:

#include <Servo.h>

const int xServoPin = 10;
const int yServoPin = 11;
const int xJoyPin = 0;
const int yJoyPin = 1;

const int AngleMinimum = 5;
const int AngleMaximum = 175;
const int JoyMinimum = 0;
const int JoyMaximum = 1023;

Servo xServo;
Servo yServo;

int xJoy, yJoy;

void setup () {

void loop () {

void getJoysticks () {
    xJoy = analogRead(xJoyPin);
    yJoy = analogRead(yJoyPin);

void mapJoysticks () {
    xServo.write(map(xJoy, JoyMinimum, JoyMaximum, AngleMinimum, AngleMaximum));
    yServo.write(map(yJoy, JoyMinimum, JoyMaximum, AngleMinimum, AngleMaximum));

I see no obvious problems in code - you should print the values you're reading to serial, so you can monitor it that way.

Could the wires connected to the two analog pins be connected somewhere? I suspect a hardware problem.