Analog port

Hey, I'm a student and I'm trying to find out how to make an AO port into a Digital Ports. And if you know how to set 2 arduinos so they can work over 1 code so I can use all ports on both devices individually I would be very thankful for help with that too.

To use an analogue pin as a digital pin just treat is as normal. pinMode() to set the mode and digitalRead() and digitalWrite() as usual.

2 Arduinos can communicate to pass values between them. If you are running out of pins then a Mega might be appropriate

What is your hardware and project ?

On Arduino boards like the Uno and Mega the analog inputs are, by default, digital pins. Analog input is a special function of those pins.

If you mean get to Arduinos to talk to each other, the easiest is probably Serial, with I2C or SPI a bit harder. That said, if you need more pins it is easier to add pins with chips like shift registers, I2C IO expanders or multiplexers depending of what the functions of the pins will be.

I'm using a breadboard, an Arduino UNO, 8*8Matrix display not RGB. and a Big Sound. and a button

8*8Matrix display

Here is how to use an 8x8 LED matrix using 3 pins.

Big Sound.

A link to that device's data sheet would help a lot.

Next we need to know what all of those pieces are supposed to do. It would help us to help you if you try to include details. Read the (see #11) how to use this forum sticky for hints on how to ask a good question and what we need to be able o help you.