Analog Read problem

Hi everyone,

I just restarted using arduino for a while, with an Arduino UNO and I tried to restart with an easy thing, using a temperature sensor.
After a few investigation, and a certain amount of diferent formul used I though that my sensor had a problem so I put a potentiometer on one analog pin and I launch an analogRead of this pin.

I obtain a rang of values between 0 and 665-666, shouldn’t it be between 0 and 1023 ?
I’m wondering if it’s not my arduino card that have a problem.

Thanks for your answers and sorry if my question is stupid, i’m a little bit rusty I think

It should go to 1023 yes, assuming you have 5V across the pot.

Is it the same on all analog pins?

Post a schematic of how you wired it up.

You are using a 3.3V sensor on a 5V Arduino I think. 3.3V is about 67% of 5V.