Analog Read question?

Hi all,

i am using arduino uno and i have used all 13 pins so i dont have an option to connect switches or keypad,
so i decided that i would use four piezo resitive elements connected to pins A0-A3 as keypad, as i require only four keys.

okay so i have four piezo elements A B C D
there are 10 arrays of led sequence i execute. say A to B i have arrayab and B to C i have arraybc and so on.

so what i want to know is if i can use switch - case statements using analogRead function.

what i tired is i have used

switch (analogRead (A0))
{ case (analogRead (A1) ):
case (analogRead (A2))
default: nosequence;

so the error is that i cannot use int type data in case() which takes constant values;

so is there any alternate way to take inputs from piezo elements in form of keypad?

switch (analogRead (A0))

With 1024 cases?
No, your code doesn't make sense.
What are you trying to do?

not 1024 cases
as you know piezo elements tell amount of pressure applied

so what i want to do is similar to keypad,
so in case if the analog input reads value greater than 0 then the case ll execute

so what i want to do is, first i read one input, just want to know if value>0 not the value, then read another input from different pin.

You may use analog as digital inputs, on UNO board digital 14 - 19.

PLease describe the project in more detail, your goal and how you are trying to reach that goal.
Also post your code so far,
The hardware used including links to datasheets and schematics,

if the analog input reads value greater than 0 then the case ll execute

I don’t understand the criteria there - why not case 10 or case 12?