Analog read ?

Attached is our code, we are wondering if you can spot any problems with it? We were told it could be an analog read problem; we are trying to develop a 74ls IC tester.

AND_TESTER_2.ino (825 Bytes)

we are trying to develop a 74ls IC tester.

I suspect that the code is not doing what you want, because, in general, people don't post asking what is wrong with working code.

But, you gave no indication what the code is supposed to do, what it actually does, and what the differences are.

Why do you think that you have an analogRead() problem?

And, small amounts of code are better attached by:

1st use CTRL T in the IDE to format your code.

2nd attach your sketch between code tags

[code]Paste your sketch here[/code]

A quick observation

  int G1in3 = 0;

So G1in3 is a signed integer

if(G1in3 < .8)

Why are you comparing it to a float ?

  float voltage = 0.0 
  int analogValue = 0

Are these lines missing something ?

if(G1in3 < .8)

I assume that you are trying to print something, but what ?