analog signal processing: HSDL - 9100 + ADC external + LABVIEW

Good afternoon.

I'm doing a project with the proximity sensor HSDL - 9100. This sensor sends a signal ranging from 0 to 5V for the ADC external MCP3002.

In the Arduino I get values between 0 and 1023 as it is supposed but I do not know how to establish the connection between the adc + arduino + labview.

I'll be grateful for your help!

All Arduinos have serial ports. The serial input basics tutorial is for input but a lot can be applied to sending data as well.

There are also Arduino boards (or boards with shields) that can connect via WiFi, or Ethernet.

We can help with the Arduino end, but don't expect us to be much help on the Labview end.

have a look at LabVIEW-Interface-for-Arduino

have a look at LabVIEW-Interface-for-Arduino

That firmware is usable but deprecated.

That firmware eliminates needing to learn any programming for the Arduino.
All that is required is to know LabVIEW.