analog stick

i am trying to make a "missile launcher" type thing. It has a mini electric airsoft gun. I am trying to use an anolog stick to control 2 servos but i have no idea how to use an analog stick without a breakout board. If any1 could help me that would be great

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What is an "analog stick"?

Do you have a link to it? heres a link. And i just noticed it is two potentiometers

Likely spec for it was posted at sparkfun

Get some bare (no copper clad) circuit board material, drill holes as needed, get some of the stick on copper tape (narrow stuff) and layout your own little breakout board., 12" x 12", $6. Search around, I know someone carries little pieces of stick on copper holes & stuff to do this. I have not come up the correct search terms yet.

Or just drill the holes, wire up direct to the pins needed with some small guage wire (like 26-28-30 guage wirewrap wire).

Wire up the pots with 5V, Gnd, middles to analog inputs; switches to Gnd and digital inputs with internal pullups enabled.

That would certainly be a lot easier. But where's the challenge then of discovering how to build up interconnectivity from scratch :) I will admit, getting holes lined up correctly in that tight spacing for the pot legs would be tough.

I have a few of those joysticks and it is entirely possible to wire them up without a breakout board. A circuit board of some sort is very advantageous for mounting them though.

The connections on the POTs is exactly what you would expect -- the centre is the wiper. The switch contacts are the two other leads.

I bend the leads out 90 degrees and surface mount them on some proto board flipped “upside down”

of course not SF ones, for that price you can get old xbox or ps1-2 controllers which will net you 2 (and in the case of the xbox controller, 2 analog triggers)