Analog temperature sensor .. Kit V2.0 for Arudino lesson 4"


I have wired the circuit for lesson 4 correctly (I hope). When I use the serial monitor all I see is:


D0: 0

The circuit desription writes that there is a push button in the circuit. Where is the push button on the sensor? How can I interpret those numbers? Can I take an actual temperature reading?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Here is a link to the sensor and code and circuit

Sunfounder analog temperature sensor

I also posted to the Sunfounder site but no replies for a few days now.

Thank you

The 508 is just a raw ADC result caused by the voltage from the 10k Ohm resistor/thermistor divider circuit, if you pinch the sensor (small black bead) between your fingers, you should see the number go down from your finger heat and back up when released, turn the potentiometer slowly back and forth, the DO: number should switch back and forth ( 0 to 1) when the pot voltage equals the sensor voltage. There is no button on the sensor, it should be in your kit. Does the kit documentation have a thermistor library that converts voltage to temperature? It SHOULD.