Analog to Bluetooth (BLE)

I have a 0-3v analog sensor connected to A0, Prints to Serial fine.
Now I wish to simply brodcast the readings on Bluetooth so other devices can read it.
(Nano 33 BLE Sense)

Neither BLE nor regular Bluetooth have a broadcast capability. They only communicate directly to units they have extablished a link with.

Let me clarify; once paired, utilizing UUID and Address, can transmit data.

Pairing is an option feature of BLE and is not supported by the ArduinoBLE library. Most apps just connect to BLE devices.

Do you look for an example of creating a service and characteristic for a value measured with the ADC?

My free pfodDesigner android app will generate all the Arduino code for you.
see Arduino NANO 33 Made Easy
The code generated is designed to match with my (paid) pfodApp which will log and plot the data for you,
but you can just drop the pfodParser stuff from the generated code (or the example sketches in the tutorial) and write directly to the Nordic UART connection and use Nordic nRF UART V2 app to see the data.

You haven’t clarified anything. You might start by defining the word “broadcast” as you understand it, then “paired”, then how many Nano BLE Senses are in this game.

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