Analog to digital

Hi all, I’m new to the arduino scene so any help here would be most appreciative.

I have a adjustable firmness airbed that uses an archaic remote with four buttons (see attached). Id love to write an application for my smartphone that would let me control the bed from the app and not have to use these old-style remotes. Is this even in the realm of possibility? I realize it may be quite the undertaking but i have a lot of spare time on my hands.

I simply want to digitize the remote. Is that possible…?

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I simply want to digitize the remote. Is that possible...?

From the picture it looks like the remote is connected to the airbed with a mutli-core cable.

If that is true then you need to figure out the signals that the wires in the cable carry if you are to replicate them some other way.


Good chance the remote itself is digital, and it may even contain a small MCU already (if only to control those digits).

Step 1 is to simply open it up and have a very good look at what is inside. Try to follow traces - especially of the buttons - to get an idea what is connected where, and what processing (if any) takes place inside the device.

How is it connected to the bed? How many wires? That are other potential clues on the workings of the remote.