Analog values floating with Arduino Mega 2560

Dear ,

I am using a single 10K Linear Potentiometer with Arduino Mega 2560 connected to pin A0. Reading the value with analogRead(A0); and showing it on the Serial Monitor, but the value of the Potentiometer keep fluctuating regularly.

whenever i press the pot, the values will come like 100 110 115 98 120 122 111 and so on. going to higher values suddenly it shows random lower value then again goes increasing.

I also tried by grounding it by 10K resistance but the result is same.

You have some vague description of the hardware, with nothing about how it is actually connected.

You have no code, or you failed to post it.

You talk about pressing on a pot. I have no idea what that means. Are you sure you weren't smoking the pot?

Try again, with a schematic, a picture, AND some code.