Analog/Voltage Divider to PPM?


I have an 433mhz Rx/Tx system and a flex sensor.

The transmitter can only accept PPM and the flex sensor is voltage/analog.

Is it possible for the arduino to convert x number of voltage/analog to PPM so the transmitter can use them as input commands?

If so the delay is less than 30ms right?
I will be using 10 flex sensor, so 10 conversation.

I have an 433mhz Rx/Tx system

To get meaningful assistance, you will have to provide more information than that about the RC system. Can you provide the documentation on your RX/TX units?

The transmitter can only accept PPM

I would think that the transmitter sends PPM signals and the receiver knows what do do with them.

How does the transmitter accept input? How may channels? Mapping ten values from 0-1023 into a pulse width 1000-2000 microseconds is straightforward. How that value gets into the transmitter and converted to multichannel PPM is the magic.

How does the receiver generate output and what do you want to do with the 10 values when you receive them? Somehow the received value will need to be decoded back from the PPM.

The standard 10 bit analogRead() with the default settings takes about 100 miocroseconds, so I think you should be able to fit ten readings in a standard 20ms frame.

Here is the Tx

Here is the Rx

I can't really help you with that equipment,but you might be able to find something useful in this Arduino RClibrary.