Analogic input values sent by WiFi Shield

Hi there! Thanks everyone in advance,

I'm a totally newbie with Arduino, and I'm trying to focus my project, but I can't find the way...

Basically, I've to record the captured data by my analogic inputs, send them with the wifi shield to my computer, and record in the hard drive of the computer....

I've looked for a lot about it, and I didn't see anything with WiFi Shield, but with Ethernet shield (WebSockets, duino,js...)

Can anyone help me, in order to start???

Thanks everyone, don't hesitate in ask me if you need more information. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the simple short distance radio is a pair of nrf24
need more distance ?
The easiest of use them all is this one.. (no library needed)

Thanks for the answer Knut_NY:

I've forgotten to say that I've some stuffs to start working:

-Arduino Uno Board : Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories

-Arduino WiFi Shield: Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories

Thanks everyone!