AnalogIn to DigitalIn

Is it possible to turn an analog IN port to digital IN port ? I need 2 more digital IN for 2 push buttons but I run out of digital ports...

Please help...

Analogue pin zero is digital pin 14, analogue pin 1 is digital 15, and so on.

Sorry but I didn't understand. I am using Arduino Duemilanove with 14 digital IN/OUT and 6 analog IN/OUT. Correct ? All my digital pins are taken so I need a way to turn an analog pin to digital in order to use it for a push button.

I am quite new to arduino so please help...

When you use the digital pins, you specify, say, a pin number 0 to 13, yes? When you want to use an analogue pin as a digital pin, you use the analogue pin number plus 14.

So, to set analogue pin zero as a digital input,

pinMode (14, INPUT);

I think I understand now. Thanks a lot...

I will give it a try.

so on the mega

analog pin 0 is digital read 54?

Yes it Works fine