analogRead different value with direct pin number and variable


I have a problem here, when I giving a dc voltage to A1, from 0v to 5v slowly and then use analogRead command to get values:

  1. Serial.print(analogRead(A1)); // the values are correct 0V=0, 5V=1023.

  2. char[] pin="A1"; analogRead(pin); // the values always 5-20% lower than analogRead(A1) return values, and not linear.

why and any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

analogRead takes a uint8_t, not a string. Turn up the level of warnings if you haven't already and the compiler will tell you about it.

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Can you post your code please.

Thanks.. Tom.... :)

What you wanted was:

const byte Pin = A1;
void setup()

void loop() {}