analogRead(pin) function in arduino

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Does this mean we've resolved the OP's question about analogRead()?

We solved that in reply #1 from then on we were diverted.

I have used programming languages where ^ represented a power and in others represented an EXOR.

C’mon my fellow pendants, …

pedants? :wink:

Surely he mean swingers. Anyone else want to own up?

In most contexts, reading ^ as "to the power of" is normal for me but when I first learned it is anyone's guess. I'm pretty sure it wasn't this century.


2^10 = 1024

int x = 2 ^ 10; //x = 8

See the difference? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since OPs Q has been answered from post #1 and the discussion goes here and there, let me put my approach too:

2^10 does not make neceserily 1024. It makes a lot of results

That conclusion comes if someone thinks: Did anybody say that discusion is for 10-base numbers?
2^10 can be in any (3 and above) -base.

In the context of “why is the range of analogRead 0-1023”, 2^10 = 1024 makes more sense than any of the other possibilities though.