Analogue Interrupts

Is there a reference somewhere for them, I have been looking for some time, and cant find details of the bit settings of acsr
I am looking at rebuilding a picaxe project, which will later be expanded. all the sensors have analogue outputs, the system is able to interrupt on up to two or either of the 2 inputs. The picaxe system uses an interenal resistor ladder for the reference voltage for the interrupt

as an idea I wrote this from the command data sheet of the picaxe. it makes it very easy to set the comparator, the setint command then set the interrupt for the comparator flag - the flag is reset before leaving the interrupt routine. from what I can tell.

picaxe version of the proposed project

compsetup for 28x2 PIC18F52K22

compsetup %0000000000, %00000000
	     ||||||||||   ||||||||_Bit 0: Bit 0 of 32 tap off posistions
	     ||||||||||   |||||||__Bit 1: Bit 1 of 32 tap off posistions
	     ||||||||||   ||||||___Bit 2: Bit 2 of 32 tap off posistions
	     ||||||||||   |||||____Bit 3: Bit 3 of 32 tap off posistions
	     ||||||||||   ||||_____Bit 4: Bit 4 of 32 tap off posistions
	     ||||||||||   |||______Bit 5: Not used - set to 0
	     ||||||||||   ||_______Bit 6: Not used - set to 0
	     ||||||||||   |________Bit 7: Enable ladder
	     ||||||||||____________Bit 0: Enable Comparitor 1 - ADC0 is - and ADC3 is +
	     |||||||||_____________Bit 1: Enable Comparitor 2 - ADC1 is - and ADC2 is +
	     ||||||||______________Bit 2: Comparator 1 is inverted (when set to 1)
	     |||||||_______________Bit 3: Comparator 2 in inverted (When set to 1)
	     ||||||________________Bit 4: Change in comparator 1 makes change to flag when set to 1
	     |||||_________________Bit 5: Change in comparator 2 makes change to flag when set to 1
	     ||||__________________Bit 6: Comparator 1 compared to IVR when set to 1
	     |||___________________Bit 7: Comparator 2 compared to IVR when set to 1
	     ||____________________Bit 8: Comparator 1 set to 1.2v refrence
	     |_____________________Bit 9: Comparator 2 set to 1.2v refrence

from what I can tell, acsr = b00000000 is along the lines of what I need. but I cant find what each bit does, or if the analogue value can changed. this is twined with ISR(analogue_comp_vect), the analogue is obvious and the comp meaning comparator, but I have no idea what vect means. I presume that is what its going to be comparing it to.

I haven't really dabbled with Arduino much, so there is way to go before I get to a final result.
Hopefully I will be able to get it to time events and calculate when to trigger an output.

I am sure I will be back at some point, so for the time being thanks for any help you can offer.

The relevant Atmega datasheet has all the details about registers and interrupts.

You may also find Nick Gammon's interrupt tutorial useful