Analogue Shield for Arduino


Does anybody know a similar product to Analogue Shield (does not exist anymore, please see attachment):


What are the specs for the AnalogShield that are critical to your project?

Thanks for your reply.

It would be nice to have +/-10V if not +/-5 can do the job too.

Regarding MCP4725, I was not able to find the Vout but It seems it cannot give +/-5V (right?).


You need a bipolar power supply, opamp(s) and discreet components to generate a negative output voltage. This was all handled by the “analog shield”.

Just so you know, the MCP4725 is a so-so dac at best and absolute crap compared to the TI DAC8564 which has a 2 ppm/c reference.

It would better for you to state your actual needs rather than referring to an obsolete product, unless of course you need the exact specs of said obsolete product.

Do you really need 16 bit analog I/O? At 5 volts full scale, that’s 300 microvolt resolution, well into the noise for most analog signals. There are some inexpensive 16 bit input boards out there (ADS1115) but 16 bit dac’s are not so common as they require expensive references to make the additional resolution useful.

I believe a 12-bit DAC resolution would work too.

Based on my search, I put together a circuit simulation (attached).

Is everything is OK with my sketch?

1)The output of DAC goes to the non-inverting side(right)?

2)a 5V DC goes to the inverting side (right)?


OP image:

Looks good to me. You still need a bipolar power supply for the op amp. The output will be rough without an anti-aliasing filter.

I came across this topic because I am also looking for a ±V 16/14 bit DA/AD board.

I am the author of pgFocus, a board for maintaining focus on microscopes. I use a 16Bit AD and a 14 bit AD on pgFocus, but the board is too complicated for novices to build themselves. It is too bad that the Analogue Shield has retired because I could have used it as a replacement for pgFocus. I am looking for alternatives.

pgFocus: PgFocus - Wiki

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