AnalysIR - St Patrick's Day giveaway!

St Patrick’s Day – Giveaway

To celebrate our national day (Ireland) on March 17th 2014, we are giving away up to 17 free copies of AnalysIR, as a thank you to this community.
All you have to do is to send me a PM, between now and March 17th inclusive, with the following message:
“Happy St Patrick’s Day”
The criteria for selecting the winners will be based loosely on the quantity of posts and also the ratio of karma to posts made.(on this forum)

NB: the only way to apply is via PM, as outlined above. Please read the conditions below before applying.

1. We reserve the right to alter the criteria or T&Cs, without notice
2. A max of 1 copy of AnalysIR per person – for non-commercial use only
3. You must have at least 250 posts & a Karma of 10 to enter 100 posts on the Arduino Forum to enter.
4. In the event of significant over-subscription, we will decide the winners based on a limited random review of the quality of contributions to the forum.
5. Winners will be notified ASAP and no later than March 25th.
6. We will not enter into any discussion about the giveaway.
7. This giveaway is running simultaneously on a small number of similar sites.
8. Delivery is via software download. You will require a Windows PC, Arduino & IR receiver.

St Patricks day is tomorrow! :)

And we have adjusted the criteria above to 100 posts.

sigh, I missed the giveaways :(

Maybe next year :)

...get posting!