Analyzing Photos

I am trying to create a robot that can follow lines. To do this, I have decided to look into a TTL Serial Camera. After taking a photo, is there any way to analyze the picture to see how many black pixels there are? I would use this to separate black and white. Thanks for the help!

Most TTL serial cameras output a JPEG file so there is no way you can look at the individual pixels unless you decode the file. And a Uno has not enough memory to store the result. Either change your sensor to something a lot smaller, or use a Raspberry Pi.

Middle school kids (7th-8th grade) here can do this with a Lego NXT brain and 1 or 2 light/dark color detectors, using the Lego drag & drop coding.

Surely you don't need a TTL camera to do the same?

Take a look at the Yun Shield ot the Arduino titan both of which would be better than the Pi. Grumpy needs to keep up to date on his arduinos. But the best option may be on of the Nucleo range form st-micros. ( Look for the boards on sites like farnell.


Mark - their is a section specifically for the Yun and this is not it. The Titan only has 32K of SRAM so what sort of image sop I'll you get in that? It is also eye wateringly expensive . More details here arduino-tian.html

Do you think some one how asks such a question here is going to be able to cope with a ST-board?

Where as the OP can get a raspberry Pi for not too much and discover what a crap idea it is in the first place for himself.