# and ♭ display options


I'm working on musical board game that runs on an arduino and a couple of shift register chains.

I use daisy chained 7 segment LEDS to shift out players' scores as the games goes on. I would like to add a component that displays the chord and key in play at a given time.

A 16 segment display seems suitable for the letter component (A-G), but I'm not sure how I can display the sharp and flat symbols. Do you have any suggestions?

I'm not married to LED display if there is a better alternative, practically and aesthetically.

Before I suggest, cite the actual “starburst” display you propose to use and its segment denotations.

I haven't bought any 16 segment displays yet. Probably something like this:


Common anode 10x13mm if possible. I'll control it with two shift registers and shift out integer equivalents of the binary that lines up with its segment denotations.

Hi, how do you display "#" with those 16-seg displays? Won't that note symbol look just like a "b"?

have you considered lcd displays? 16x2 character are the most common and cheapest. Each character is made up of a 5x7 grid of dots, and I'm pretty sure you can define your own characters if you can't find suitable ones built-in.

If you want to stick with led, perhaps some combination of 7-seg and 5x7 led matrix driven by max7219 chips?

A single max7219 could drive a 5x7 plus 3 7-seg displays. Max7219 can be daisy-chained so that multiple chips can be driven with 3 Arduino pins.


I haven't bought any 16 segment displays yet. Probably something like this.

Well, I imagine that "#" could be JBG1G2CMD1D2 and "♭" could be FEG1N (or possibly FEG1MD1).


Funny - why did that not appear in your post the first time around?