AND gating  &  OR gating

I’m having great difficulty adapting to Arduino from basic Stamp programming, not that I’m am very competent with the Stamp system.

My current problem is trying to get two inputs to switch an output.

eg. IF (( tries >= 5) AND (tries = <10)) THEN HIGH 11:LOW 10:ENDIF
( two input must be true before outputs go high and low).

eg. IF ((Man_Stop =0) OR ( Overflow = 0 )) THEN LOW 10
(either input must go low to switch output low)

I just can’t figure Arduino referencing at this stage

You really do have to learn C. The Arduino system does make some things easier than raw low-level C coding, but there’s still no substitute for knowing what you’re doing.

For your examples:

if  ((tries >= 5) && (tries <= 10)) {
   digitalWrite(11, 1);
   digitalWrite(10, 0);

Use || for OR, just like && is used for AND.

Thank you.

This may seem stupid but how do I get the symbol for the OR statement?

Two vertical bars: ||

On my keyboard the vertical bar is above the backslash: \

Looks as though my key board doesn’t have the facility

That's OK, you can always use DeMorgan's theorem to simulate the OR function. After all:

A OR B = ! (! (A OR B) )
      =  ! (!A AND !B)

So you could write:

if ((Man_Stop==0) || (Overflow==0)


 if (! ((Man_Stop!=0) && (Overflow!=0)) )

Or you could a look little harder on your keyboard ;)

Thank you once again.

Your latter statement was most relevant, I have not ever had cause to use that symbol and on the key board it is indicated by a broken vertical line. :-[

the key board it is indicated by a broken vertical line.

That's OK, that one should work.