And/Or with 230V

Not sure if this is possible or not. I have a relay attached to my boiler's timer control unit. The timer has 3 230V outputs, heating on, water on and water off. These control the valves which divert the water to the correct place.

I can use the relay to get the correct outputs but with the timer also connected if I switch the water on the timer is switching the water off line and the valve doesn't move. I've had to disconnect the water from the tuner to get my relay working with it.

Is there some way I can use the output from my relay and the timer and have a combined output that switches on if the timer or relay are on and switches the water off line to off?

As long as your timer has its own ideas about what to switch when, I don't see many chances for changing its attitude. If you know what you're doing, you can override the timer outputs, by disconnecting (switching off) the timer outputs while you want to control everything yourself. E.g. you can add another relay with 3 sets of double throw contacts, which connect either the timer or your relays to the outputs.

Right, yes, switching off the timer output with another relay when my override is on makes sense. I'd only need two to switch two off, the water controls.

That would work if I override the timer, however when my relay switches the water off it also switches the water off line to live. Then when the timer wants to switch the water on the water off line would be active.